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Learn which type of video capture software is best for your videoconferencing business...




Best for your application.

Many different types of Video Capture Software can be found on the Internet such as webcam32, Windows Media, and Firecracker Video. The following guidelines will help determine what type of video capture software would be best for your business.

The video chat business pays.


1. Central Server or 1-on-1 Video.
Do your customers have very high bandwidth and low latency connections,
or are you likely to only have one or two connected viewers? If so,
then 1-on-1 video capture software would be a perfect solution. Do your customers have low to medium bandwidth, or are you likely to have many viewers looking at a single video feed? If so, then a central
server is the right video capture software that you will need.
Firecracker Video is a great solution for video capture software that uses central server architecture.

2. Camera Support
Some brands of video capture software only support a limited number of low quality cameras (web-cams), or their software will only work with their brand of camera. Make sure the video capture software that you use supports the widest range of video cameras available. Firecracker Video supports every type of camera that can be plugged into your computer.

3. Salability
Do you plan on growing your business? Then you want video capture software that can scale from one or two users up to thousands. Firecracker Video can scale with your growing business, whether you are just starting, or already have a large user base.

4. Usability
Some types of video capture software require extensive configuration and
have cryptic user interfaces. Make sure you are comfortable with the
user interface of the video capture software you are looking at

In summary, if you plan on purchasing video capture software, make sure you follow the above four guidelines to ensure the video capture software you purchase is right for your type of business.



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