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Latest news:

August 20, 2006:
REDUCED PRICING!All pricing has been reduced and purchase options have been revamped.

August 1, 2006:

CcBill scripts have been rewritten.....

June 1, 2006: product released! Superfast streaming video, synchronized audio, won't believe it's a webcam stream!


Video Capture:

Learn which type of video capture software is best for your videoconferencing business...



Fcv 2.3 9/18/06


Video capture software.

The performer video capture software, refereed to as the "Performer Client" is launched when the performer wants to broadcast live streaming video, and chat. Easy to use tools allow the performer to control the chat including abusive chatters, payperview viewers and free viewers

The video chat business pays.

Client Features

Brandable Capture client (your name in performer program)
Automatic performer signup on the website
Performer stats
Performer editable bio/profile page
performer editable "banned zip codes"
Performer editable Performer image archives
Performer chooses rates (above minimum set by admin). Performer can choose send speed (frames per second). Performer can choose video quality. Performer can choose video size. Audio System broadcaster. Performer sees free and paying customers in chat (pay customers in a different color for easy attention). Performer can choose free video size and speed in free chat, and free video size and speed when someone is in pay chat (an example is 320x240 1fps in free when there are no pay customers, then the free will change to 80x60 1fp 20 sec when someone is in pay chat...). Audio alert when pay customer enters/leaves. Performer can disconnect or ban abusive chatters account is created.

Locking in of performer settings:
System Admin may choose to hard code portions of the performer editable settings above thus "locking in" some settings.

Open or Closed Performer Signup
System Admin may choose to not present the performer signup forms so the performer has to be approved before the performer.



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