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REDUCED PRICING!All pricing has been reduced and purchase options have been revamped.

CcBill scripts have been rewritten.....
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Learn which type of video capture software is best for your videoconferencing business...





FireCracker Video Software is licensed by the performer accounts allowed in the database. An example would be a 5 Lic. package, where, there would be 5 registered performer accounts (5 performer accounts in the database). This does not mean there can be 50 performers listed on the site and up to 5 broadcasting at one time, it means there can be up to 5 performer accounts registered in the system. We do not limit the number of viewers!

Firecrackervideo prices and options.

Purchase Options

Unlimited Firecracker Video Software package.
5 Lic. :$5000.00
5 Performer accounts in the database.
2 Lic. :$3000.00
2 Performer accounts in the database.

How it works:
You prepay $3750.00 plus a 1 time fee of $250.00 for setup, Hasp, and shipping. We set up an Unlimited FireCracker Video Software package on your server. This will allow you to sell $25,000.00 in membership sales!
When your sales near $25,000.00 total you can "re-charge" your system by paying another $3750.00 to allow you to sell another $25,000.00 in membership sales. Of course you can prepay more for more membership sales (you pay us 15% of your desired sales), but $3750.00 per prepay is the minimum.

*The prepay plan payments do NOT apply to the purchase price of the software if/when you decide to purchase. This is a prepay plan, and as such, when you cease to be active your are required by the agreement to remove the software from your server and return the Hasp to Firecracker Associates.

Complete Turnkey Systems:
Firecracker Video Software
Website Design
Server rental/Bandwidth
Prices depend on number of Licenses, site design requirements, server config and bandwidth. Call and tell us your requirements and we will put together a package for you!

Lifetime Support Package:$1500.00
Support and updates. Official support hours are 9-5 M-F Pacific times. Support is available via remote desktop (terminal services), phone, and email. Support does not include site design or misconfigurations on your server. We pride ourselves on having one of the most responsive support teams available, no offshore outsourcing!

Studio Admin PlusPak :$1000.00
The StudioAdmin “Plus Pak” allows a Firecracker Video System Owner to offer Studio Owners a complete set of tools to Administer Studio Accounts. The Studio does it's own reports, access admin, etc.... The System owner then only has one report and paycheck to generate for the Studio, that's it!Read more...

All sales include: **Remote installation and configuration. 30 days free support. Software A.P.I. A freely distributable Performer video capture software client.
**After installation you will have a set of plain template pages with text links to all functions. Merely add some graphics and integrate your processor via the pre made scripts (CcBill, OpsBilling, SafShop, Paycom, Etelegate, Netbilling and Authorizenet.) or, the generic scripts. All scripts are easy to configure with the included instructions.

Payments may be available depending on approval. This only applies to the Unlimited package.



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