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CcBill scripts have been rewritten.....
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1. Can I have 25 performers on the server but only 5 broadcasting at a time with a 5 License version?
No. The Licensing refers to the number of Performer Accounts allowed in the database. This means when you go to the browse all page you would see a maximum of 5, and there would be 5 different bio pages, etc....

2. Do I need to be a techie to admin this?
No Techies Required!','No, the system itself needs very little tech attention. You should be concentrating on doing business, not wrestling with technical issues.

3. Can I make it match my existing site?
Yes, you can make them look any way you want. The pages do contain .asp/Sql/Vb scripts and functions, but putting a design on them is not very difficult. If you are not comfortable with doing .asp pages our design services are reasonably priced and fast!

4. Can I put more than one domain on the server?
Yes, you can put multiple domains on the server. You can even present specific categories to each domain if you wish. This means SiteA would only see the categories,performers,whosonline,etc... you present to it, and SiteB would have different categories,performers,whosonline,etc... presented to the visitors. This is all easily done referencing the A.P.I. via the .asp,sql,Vb

The video chat business pays.5. What kind of server do I need?
Bigger is always better. A Pent 3ghz/1gig ram/(2) 120gig hard drives is a fine machine to start on.....machine power really depends on the load being experienced. There are many factors such as concurrent connections, frame rates, other Apps running on the server (such as M.S. Sql2000), etc..

6. I have a feature I feel I absolutely need that is not part of the system, can I make it do that?
Yes, the system is extremely extendable via the FirecrackerVideo A.P.I using .asp/Sql/Vb. Many new functions and features may be created using these tools. If a feature is requested by enough Licensees and we see a need we may develop a PlusPak specifically addressing that feature.

7. What other software do I need?
You need Win2000 or 2003, and M.S.Sql2000 (1 client lic).

8. Can I distribute the Performer Capture Client?
Yes, as a Licensee you may distribute the Performer Client free of cost.

9. Do your processing scripts work with... (ccbill, ibill, funkymoney, etc.)
Yes, we have scripts for the popular processors, merchant account gateways, and generic scripts for everyone else..


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