Video chat server software to start your own social website enterprise.

Firecrackervideo video chat softwareThe Firecracker video chat software system brings you the streaming video server software that makes it easy to start your own social interactive or web cam chat business. Years of video capture software development experience and research (by our parent company, Ultravid) gives the Firecracker video system a unique position in the interactive software industry. With a verifiably long background (this Cnet article mentions Ultravid in 1996!) including studio management, modem to modem video, and video chat software systems. Firecracker video provides a turn key and painless to administrate, social interactive software system that is both easy and quick to deploy. In addition it is extremely customizable via .asp and SQL.

The primary revenue stream of the social interactive business is contained in your ability to charge a fee to use your services. So while everyone receives their video chat, how do you charge them for the service?s The Firecracker video system allows the users to fund their accounts in advance, then those funds are depleted at the per minute rate of the video chat they are participating in. If they exits before their funds are depleted, the remaining funds are available to be used in the future at their discretion until depleted completely. Start your social interacive business with our full featured easy to use video chat server software.

Start your own social website!

Start your own videochat webcam business Live streaming webcasts including free live webcams and videochat are one of the best online business opportunities available today. The best videochat and webcam server software for your webcam business is one that will meet your specific needs. The only type of system you should consider is one that can be extended and customized extensively...
Our video server software was built from the bottom up with you in mind.
You are looking for the best pay per view videochat server software available that you can make money with. The pioneering Ultravid Livecam product showed us that 73% of our customers were people exactly like you, out to start your own webcam business. We learned what features are important to you, like: free live webcasts, pay per view live streaming video server, easy to use media server interface, extendable stream server live video feeds, extensive streaming video server software administrative tools that are easy to use, chat server software that is easy for everyone to use, easy to recieve free live streaming video for users, and tons of other features to make your webcam business both fun and easy to operate.
If you need a complete turn-key system, including services such as
website design, server hosting, payment processor integration, custom system configurations and programming, search engine optimization, etc....we can provide these services and more. Simply ask your sales rep about the extra services you require and they will give you a quote and timeframe. Most projects can be started within 2 weeks of ordering. Call today...

Video chat server software pays!

Video chat server software profits! Typical fees are .99 - 4.99 per minute for live video webcasts, typical payout to chathosts is 35-48%. There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours, 60 minutes in an do the 5 minute pay per view session each hour at 1.99 per minute is $238.80 per day or 7164.00 per month gross , at 2.99 per minute it is
$358.80 per day or $8611.20 per month gross!
That is only figuring
1 chathost doing 5 minutes an hour in pay sessions at $1.99 a minute, imagine only 5 chathosts doing 5 minutes of pay sessions per hour each at 1.99 per minute......but,you can have many more than 5 chathosts on the system, and only 5 minutes per hour is very, very low imagine your buddy Joe has a webcam business idea, but he wants to rent space on your server and use your software, so you charge him a flat fee of $500.00 per month + 5% of his sales! You put his domain on the server, set him up, now, when you go to Joe's site you only see his chathosts, so his site is totally segragated from yours....Now your friend Mary who happens to want to do the same type of site as yours, wants to do the same, but, she doesn't have any chathosts, so you set her domain and site up on your server, but her site shows your charge her a flat $500.00 per month and give her 5% of all private sessions she sells through her site (the software can generate sales reports by website).... So, you can imagine with a little work promoting your live webcam site, providing services, etc...
Potential income (even when figuring minimul pay minutes etc) is huge.
And finally

There are no "hidden or continuing" fees when you buy Firecracker or Ultravid products.


That's right, imagine your webcam business plan actually being put to action. Because Firecrackervideo is designed to be as flexable as possible, there are an endless number of webcam business models and features you can extend the system to provide.

The possible

Business models include: Pay per view videochat, Video dating, cam chat interactive services, Streaming live video worldwide, social chat, Instructional broadcasts, Training, social chat cams, Homecams, nude girls and guys, Application service provider (where you rent the use of your server to people who need live streaming video), and on and on and on......

Turnkey Videochat

To get you up and running fast, free installation and initial configuration are included with your purchase. This means that a Firecracker Associates representative will install and configure the videochat software remotely on your server....when completed you will have a fully functioning webcam business complete with (plain black pages with text links to all functions, i.e. no graphics)template pages and a custom, freely distributable, chathost video capture client for your chathosts to install and start broadcasting to your system with. 30 days free tech support is also included to get you going and comfortable with your new business. Complete install and documentation files will be on your server for you to make copies of and read. Documentation includes an A.P.I. for programmers, a quick start "getting to know your Fcv software", and other usefull information.